Coaching with Baggy_38 - Sam Bagnall

Coaching available for Assetto Corsa Competizione on Play Station

ILR Release prices valid until 04/01/2021

Video Analysis

£9.98 per video

Create a video (either YouTube or mp4) of you completing a hotlap/ practice lap or section of a race you’d like to discuss. Baggy will watch your video, and discuss with you how to improve your lines & driving techniques and potentially some vehicle setup discussion, suggestions and support when required.

Videos limited to 4 minutes maximum

1:1 Coaching

£39.98 per hour

A 1:1 session for an hour in a dedicated private practice server.
To help maximise the efficiency of the session, create and provide a video before the 1:1 coaching session so that potential improvements and areas to focus on can be discussed before you hit the track. In the 1:1 session we can focus on any issues you may have, discuss all forms of setup options as well as driving techniques, working with real time feedback including live demonstrations from Baggy to show and explain topics. We will then debrief over discord chat after the session.

Videos limited to 4 minutes maximum